EdCite – Modern Assessments

edciteI recently had the opportunity to observe a 7th grade teacher who had his students practice for the new online state assessment that aligns with Common Core State Standards.  Students worked together on a variety of computer-based questions and were engaged in discussion to solve them.  After the lesson, the teacher showed me how he was able to create custom questions using a free web-based tool called EdCite.  I was floored by several things.  First, you can start with a question set and have an opportunity to modify the questions.  You can save your question set and share it with other teachers.  The question types align with the California state assessment created by the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium.  And the bonus is that the students do not even need a login to get started on the assessment, however you can setup classes and provide your students with accounts so you can track their results.  I found this to be an excellent tool to use for interim assessments during the year and to prepare students for the final online assessment.  To get started, visit edcite.com today and sign up for free.

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