Make Videos Interactive with Zaption

zaptionThese days its a common practice to curate videos found on the Internet and use them to enhance our instruction.  We have been showing the videos to our audience because they provide great information or simply help connect with the visual learner.  And with the advent of flipped classrooms and online professional learning, we are posting this content for anytime, anywhere learning.  But in doing this, it becomes difficult to guide the learning, aside from a quick introduction to the video or a list of questions to consider prior to viewing.  Wouldn’t it be great if we could take these curated videos and create guiding questions and captions that appear during video playback?  Or how about going further to make them interactive so the viewer must answer questions by entering information or responding to a multiple-choice question.  Well guess what, this functionality is here thanks to the good folks at Zaption.

With Zaption, you can enhance videos from the major networks like YouTube, Vimeo, TED, PBS, National Geographic, and more, or simply upload your own video.  To begin the enhancements you can first trim the video if desired, then you can add Text as a slide or as a pop-up caption.  You can even do this with images and drawings.  Then, if you really want to get interactive, add an open-ended question, a multiple-choice question, or a multiple-choice question with check boxes.  Determine where you want the questions to appear and whether or not the video should pause.  When you are all done, simply share the link to the video or publish it for all to see.

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