Teaching Channel – What Common Core Looks Like

teachingchannelSchool districts around the nation are scrambling around trying to provide workshops on Common Core, most specifically on the instructional shifts.  In many cases, districts are bringing in contracted experts to transfer their wisdom upon our teachers.  This is all good, but I have found that teachers are still asking, “What does Common Core instruction look like?”.

To help answer this burning question, I like to refer teachers to the Teaching Channel.  This website provides a variety of videos that provide real classroom footage of teaching in action.  The videos provide lesson and teaching practice ideas, many of which are Common Core focused.  Each video provides teacher contact information, related resources, and a comment section.  Teachers can sign up with the Teaching Channel to take advantage of commenting on and liking videos.  One of the things I like most about the Teaching Channel is that they also provide videos on how to integrate technology into instruction.

Here is one of my favorite videos:  Google Docs in the Classroom

Visit the Teaching Channel today at teachingchannel.org


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