Meograph – Four-Dimensional Storytelling

meograph-facebookMeograph is an exciting new web application I recently discovered and have been testing out.  I’m really excited about this as a tool for students to create multimedia-rich timelines.  We’ve been using timeline tools, audio tools, Google earth/maps, images, and videos for quite a while now, but where have we seen all of the these tools mashed up into a single application?  Let me save you some time – we have not seen it.

Meograph makes the first attempt to blend all of these powerful tools into one place for the purpose of digital storytelling.  Students can incorporate maps, narrations, photos, videos, and hyperlinks to other resources for the purposes of retelling events.  Each Meograph can be published and easily shared via hyperlink or embed code.  I can see this being used for Language Arts and Social Studies/History projects.

The tools is currently in Beta, so don’t expect perfection.  However, I see this becoming a popular, engaging, and useful tool for students and instructors.  Take a look below at my first attempt at creating a Meograph, but keep in mind that it’s a work in progress.  To sign up and begin exploring, visit today.

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