BYOD Presentation Tool For Educators

If you are reading this, you probably already know that Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a major buzzword/trend in education right now.  By allowing students to bring their mobile phones and devices to school, educators will be able to more readily engage students, as this is their desired learning platform.  Plus you can just do a lot more cool things by using technology.  But what happens when you get a bunch of students in a classroom who bring a hodge-podge of devices running on various operating systems – Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and so on?  Well, you need a solution that is platform agnostic and can tie all these devices together.

That’s where Display Note comes into play.  With Display Note, the instructor can fire up a presentation on a computer and control it remotely with a mobile device.  The students can simply visit a website or launch the Display Note app in order to join the session and view the presentation on their device.  But that’s not all – The instructor can make notations on the presentation using the mobile device and students can even make their own notations on the slides or on a popup notebook.  Then, the instructor can setup groups for students to collaborate and problem solve on a single, shared document.  But wait – there’s more!  The students can save their work and email it back to the instructor.  Oh, and one more thing – the instructor can instant message with students individually within Display Note.

I see this as a great solution for the BYOD environment that is really taking off.  Learn more about Display Note here.

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