Swivl your way to Camera Automation

swivlOne of the newer trends in EdTech right now is the concept of “flipped classrooms”, where students consume lecture content, such as videos outside of the classroom, then apply what they have learned inside the classroom.  This has many teachers recording their lectures and posting them online for consumption.  Another common trend is recording your lectures for the purpose of critique and reflection.  But how does one seamlessly capture a lecture while trying to lecture?

That’s where the Swivl comes into play.  This new gadget can hold a mini camera or phone and will pan left and right according to the presenter’s movements – hence, the automated cameraman.  Though any small video-recording device will work, if you have an iPhone or iPod touch, the presenter’s lanyard (transmitter) can also be used as a microphone.  The Swivl can be placed on a hard surface or mounted on a tripod.

I just bought three of these for our Curriculum and Instruction department, as we frequently record classroom lectures.  I can see this device becoming a big hit with K-12 schools and higher education in the coming years.  The price for this little guy is $179, but you can get a 10% and sometimes 20% education discount.  Get more information here:  swivl.com

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